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We are committed to helping you run a successful business by insuring we use the highest quality components coupled with skilled craftsmen. We are always available with advice and the staff at Smoky Mountain Jet Boats have a wealth of knowledge to help your operation be successful from the outset.

The characteristics that make a jet boat a profitable venture are an exciting ride for all ages, with low staffing and maintenance needs, efficient fuel consumption and reasonable insurance rates. All our jet boats are designed to do the “Hamilton Spin” which is our signature maneuver.


Location is key – Having a high traffic location that people can see the boat is one of the keys to a successful operation.  At SMJB we can assist you with determining the success of your location.

Locations can include  – Water fronts, lakes, bays, estuaries and man made ponds.  Existing operators are a good model to mirror their success with yours. The 12 seat boats lend themselves to a short 5 to 30 minute ride while the larger boats can be profitable at an hour turn around.

India, Bahamas, Malta, Mexico, China and Japan.

Cape May NJ, Madison IN, Naples Fl, Myrtle Beach SC, Panama City FL, Gatlinburg TN, Moab UT, Galveston TX, Orange Beach AL, Broken Bow,OK


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